Best Burrito In Salt Lake City

Flavor (F 1-5): Fresh ingredients, preparation, and a good recipe.
Value (V 1-5): How filling is it for the price?
Beer (B y/n): Can you get a beer?

Hit List:

Lone Star Taqueria (F-5 V-4 B-N): I don't wander down to the Ft Union area often, but will go out of my way to eat here. The best tasting. Large. Very fresh and rich with grilled (not fried) fish options. Business hours are a little limited and no Sunday. :(

Barbacoa (F-5 V-5 B-Y): Several locations around the valley now. Very lean, healthy ingredients with great flavor. Fast counter service. A bit spendy but the burritos are as big as my head.

Rico's (F-5 V-5 B-N): Besides their frozen burritos you can find at most local grocery chains, you can venture down the 600 S industrial district to their new Cafe location. Rico's used to have a lunch deli near Liberty Park where they now only have a market. :( If you choose the right variety you will get a great tasting burrito meal on the cheap. Some flavors should be avoided though. I think they forgot to taste-test the spinach feta before putting it on the market. Go for the vegan mole (weather you're a veg or not) or the con creme options.

Alberto's 500 South (F-4 V-5 B-N): Open 24/6, this place has decent size at a cheap price, and the ingreedients are pretty good. Best late-night option.

Shit List:

Cafe Rio: Actually the burritos are yummy, but I refuse to eat there for two reasons. The line there is longer that a ride at Disney Land, and sugar is a major ingredient in most of the food. Every time I eat there I'm a bit disturbed by the gluttony.

Beto's, 400 South: Not all Beto's are equal. I used to eat at the 400 South location but the quality has declined to the point that my dog won't even eat it. Last I checked the North Temple west side location was still good.

Molca Salsa: On 3300 South this was my local default dealer, but the prices keep going up and the sizes keep going down. Yummiest, smallest, $5 burrito in town. Also used to be 24/7.

Taco Bell: Spare me.

Cafe Rio: Food for fat people. Sweet meat and sauces taste like they've had a can of sprite dumped in. Always crowded and you have to wait in the amusement park ride line packed with kids and people who look like they need to back off the sweet pork.

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