Substitue Profile

Due to the suckyness of the built-in profile thingy, see this post instead for some superficial crap about me:

My Favorites
Bike Trail: Gooseberry Mesa
Snowboard Resort: Snowbasin
City: Vancouver BC
Car: 88-89 Toyota MR2, Superchared
Food: Sushi
Simpson Character: Arnie Pie
Arcade Game: Tempest
Console Game: Rez
Book: Neuromancer, William Gibson
Movie: City Of Lost Children
Music: Don't get me started.
Cocktail: White Russian with Vox Vodka

Age: Born 1967

Altitude: 6'4

Dog: Lego, German Shorthair, Female.

Car: '98 Toyota Tacoma

Trek Session 77

Job: Network Admin

Hometown: Salt Lake City. Previously Snohomish County WA, Loveland CO, Sunnyvale CA, Redbank NJ.

Mac or PC: PC


Jennie Wade said...

I agree with the profile suckyness! good idea.. I'm stealing it. and by the way it's Jennie not jenny

Larry said...

Whups. Fixed. I'm glad they sound the same because all this time I've been calling you Jenny. How embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'm with you Larry. Now I'm going to have to think before I say her name.